What is a Forum?

Mary Lew Bergman, Forum Coordinator

A dictionary definition of forum is that it is a public meeting for open discussion-- a meeting where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged, where listening to other opinions is as essential as airing your own thoughts. The object of such a meeting is to develop community, expand group knowledge, and, in the life of a church, encourage spiritual growth.

Silverside has a forum that meets regularly. When I first came to Silverside, Forums were on Sundays after the Gathering. In an effort to enlarge the audience, Forum moved to Wednesday nights and began including dinners. Topics expanded as well. Local, national, and international issues joined spiritual and theological concerns. Everyone who attends Forum is encouraged to suggest topics for discussion, and invite outside speakers. Silverside, however, is blessed to have many excellent and interesting speakers of its own.

The Silverside Forum is first and foremost an opportunity for Silversiders to join together in fellowship. Dinners are open to anyone whether you stay for the program or not, and they are a great way to get to know more about your fellow church friends. We are a community and any occasion to gather to share our thoughts, ideas, and dreams is indispensable. We need you and all Silverside members and friends to join in the fellowship of Forum.