Melissa Heieie is a gifted, energetic, versatile musician who has been the creative center of Silverside's music program for eight years.  She is loved by choir members and congregants alike.  She supports the church's progressive theological concerns, and the music for every Gathering is tailored accordingly.  

For a sample of her work, click on this media block titled "Light, Break Free Through Me."  Everything you hear will be Melissa.  She composed the music for the stirring poem written by choir member, James Moser.  She sings the piece, and you will hear her playing both piano and harp.  Though Silversiders believe she can sing while playing both piano and harp--and walk on water too; each component was recorded on a separate track on the way to the final edit.  

Silverside Church counts itself fortunate indeed to have Melissa as one of its staff leaders.