Our pastor/spiritual director is available for telephone conversations and Skype or WhatsApp or Zoom life coaching or pastoral counseling sessions AT NO COST to anyone struggling with physical and/or emotional assaults related to the coronavirus–patients, family members of those who are ill or those who have died. And Dr. Farmer has a relentless concern for exhausted medical professionals and others serving victims of the virus–in particular, those who feel they have given all they can give and are too sad to remain in a world where such tragedy can continue; to those in this latter category, he says: “Don’t give up on yourself! And don’t minimize the great deeds you have done that no one other than your struggling, suffering patients will ever know about. You are the heroes, you are the angels, in this mournful chapter in our history.”

Give Dr. Farmer the privilege of sharing your concerns, burdens, and moments of darkness. All communication is entirely confidential, and the offer extends to persons in- and outside Delaware; to atheists, agnostics, and people of faith anywhere across its long continuum. Email him here (Dr. David Albert Farmer); only he will see and respond to your concerns.

If anyone reading this is entertaining thoughts of ending your life, do not wait for Dr. Farmer’s response to you. Get yourself to an Emergency Room–perhaps one at which you do not work. Otherwise, contact the national suicide prevention hotline immediately, 800-273-8255; if that line is tied up, keep friends and family members on the phone with you until you can try the hotline again.


Our present reality, perhaps our future name…

Silverside Center for Spirituality, Social Justice, and Self-care

Gatherings every Sunday morning at 10 unless cancellation due to inclement weather or protective health precautions.

Sunday morning face to face Gatherings are suspended until Governor Carney’s ban on close-proximity contact and interaction is lifted.

Check here at 10 on Sunday mornings when we are unable to meet face to face for a video or live streaming message from our pastor. On Fridays at noon, click here and join in a Bible Study for Seekers and Skeptics.

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