On Not Losing Oneself: Sermon Sampling

Ultimately, Jesus lost his life because he wouldn’t deny who he was or what he what about.  Before that fateful turn of events, however, he led an overly engaged life serving others in need; and in those years he had to figure out how not to lose himself.  What were his secrets? Here are three of eight I immediately think of.

  1. He realized he couldn’t be engaged in his preaching and healing ministries 24/7 regardless of how many people needed him and how serious their needs were. He often went off by himself without even his closest disciples permitted to go with him to reflect, to pray, and to rest.
  2. With the gravity and urgency of most of the situations of people clamoring for his attention and help, he realized he stay focused on the sadnesses of life only.  Jesus had a social life.  He went to parties and dinner events with the best of them. 
  3. He learned better than to categorize human beings as anything other than human beings.  (No racism, no misogyny, etc.)  Respect for self leads to respect for others.

“Respect for self leads to respect for others.”


(from a sermon by Rev. David Albert Farmer, Ph.D., Pastor, Silverside Church)