Silverside Online, June 28 2020. Pillars of Salt

Weather permitting, we plan to have our first face-to-face (mask-to-mask) Gathering since March on July 12 at 10 a.m. OUTDOORS at Silverside. Keep in mind that in case of bad weather at 10 a.m., we might have the Gathering later on the 12th instead of waiting a whole week to try again; a 5 p.m. vesper service could be a lovely time to meet, and driving to and from the church would be in full daylight for all trying to attend.

Chairs will be placed a minimum of six feet apart, in all directions; and may be pulled together side by side only for family members who have been quarantined together. There will be no Sunday School of child care provisions; children wearing masks are MOST WELCOME and should take seats with their parents.

No physical contact. Holy waves instead of holy kisses and hugs; at least six feet away from the person who is the wave recipient. And also with you.

Again, a prize will be given for the most innovative mask; invisible masks may not be entered for a possible win. Possible grand prizes include:

a scarf once worn by Dr. Deborah Birx

a thirty-minute Zoom use training session taught by Blaine Breeding

a collection of the beautiful music provided by Melissa Heieie, Sam Michael, and others for our online Gatherings during quarantine times in the format of your choice (excluding private in-person concerts)

a cake of Hope Soap to help with physical and mental hygiene during these challenging times

a copy of John Bolton’s book, The Room Where It Happened, with handwritten corrections by Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

The building will be open for restroom use only (probably one door only nearest where the chairs are set up); no more than two restrooms will be available, and only one person at a time may be in a restroom. Those waiting must observe social distancing guidelines. The service will be less than 30 minutes in length to minimize the need for restroom use on site.

Country people like the pastor are not allowed to use the wooded areas as restroom facilities.

Now to today’s sobering spirituality reflections.