A Pandemic Prayer

A Pandemic Prayer

Life-Source, Life-Force, our God,

Though it is impossible to be human and be separated from your presence, we certainly have great capacities to convince ourselves that you have abandoned us or that you never were present with us and for us in the first place.

Because institutions that profit from pretending to know more about your thoughts and your whereabouts than mere human-beings-apart-from-these-institutions, who dare to try to relate to you without their paid assistance and assessments. many of us have gotten no solace from our would-be spirituality centers in the direst times in our lives because, in the end, most religious institutions want us to depend on them and not on you. They do not want us having direct contact with you and prefer instead that we spend our lifetimes wearing masks and shields they provide when we come near to you—never breathing in the purest air that is you and therefore ultimately feeling that to some degree at least you are always hidden from us, more than is necessary since you are a spiritual force and not a tangible entity, and we from you.

At this time of international crisis in which thousands are dying who need not die since ways of saving people from death caused by the Coronavirus are widely- and well-known, we need reminders of your love for us and for all people—enough to drive us to take care of ourselves and others. Risks that can bring the gift of the life to an end are unnecessary and unacceptable, especially when some are playing Russian roulette with the lives of innocent others. (And we seek guidance in dealing with other types of Russian roulette going on in our world among those who blatantly devalue the lives of others, including their own country-women and country-men.)

The calming reality of your presence can dissipate some of the anger , confusion, and frustration experienced by those who are not only feeling cornered by the iffy disease, but also in too many cases by grief, by loss of income and independence, by the arrogance of filthy rich politicians passing out pittances of monetary tide-you-over funds both to the living and the dead.

We give thanks today for health-protecting, physical masks, for people who remain sane when the masses do not, for hope, for the love and support of family members, friends, spirituality communities detached from controlling and destructive hierarchies, and those about whom we hear or read whose names we will not remember in a week inspiring a few or a lot to do what Jesus would be doing were he in this mess. And we know that he, whatever else he might be coming up with behind his muslin mask, would concentrate on the reality, gift, power of your presence.


(c) Copyright, David Albert Farmer and Silverside Church, July 2020