Thanksgiving 2020 with Silverside Online. Dr David Albert Farmer, Preacher and Pastor.

May your Thanksgiving Day be an uplifting and thoughtful time of reflective and an opportunity to learn more about the deeper experiences of feeling and expressing gratitude.

All of those who joined with me in contributing to and producing this video are remarkable at what they do, at the talent they shared as a part of this viewing and listening experience for you. Keep scrolling down to get to it.

The music and the photography are amazing. I am thankful to and for our Director of Music, Melissa Heieie whom you’ll hear playing the keyboard and the Celtic harp and who, of course, imagined and organized all the music you’ll hear today. Other musicians joining with her for today are: Carolyn Hendrix, cello; Sam Michael, guitar; and Susan Ryan, flute. I am also thankful to and for each of these three gifted artists. The nature photography you’ll see is by David Clarke, Karen Purdy, and Margaret Walker; most of the pictures you will see were taken by Dr. Karen Purdy. All photography is over the top. I am, likewise, thankful to and for Dave, Karen, and Dr Margaret Walker. And the often overlooked technical energy who sewed all the pieces of this video into a single whole for you was Blaine Breeding; he does this for us weekly. I am thankful to and for Blaine. Finally, I am thankful to and for you, the Silverside family and our friends and our visitors, who will complete this whole process by watching and listening.