Prayers and Positive Thoughts for the George Family

Let me begin my request on behalf of the George family with the word “avalanche.” Bob refers to this season in his family as “heavy weather.” Many of his family members, and friends also as it turns out, have had challenging health diagnoses–most involving cancer. We are not referring to Jane or Bob or any of their kids, grandkids, or kids-in-law. That’s about all the specific information we can share in a public forum at this time, but I know you are already joining me in sharing the energies of your prayers and positive thoughts with Bob’s family members as best you can in a generalized way. One of them we do have permission to mention here. Bob’s sister-in-law, Janice George, Chris’s wife, was just notified on Friday that stage 3/4 cancer has been detected in her ovaries. Back in Halls Crossroads, I occasionally heard some of the saints in our church with loved ones going through hellish health crises talking about getting callouses on their knees.