New Common Ground Sighted: New Hope for Unity. Silverside Sunday Morning, October 25 2020. Ms. Melissa Heieie, Director of Music; Dr. John Siegfried, Director of Music Emeritus; Dr. David Albert Farmer, Preacher and Pastor

Jerushah Duford, granddaughter of the late Billy Graham

Floral Arrangement by Dorothy Siegfried

“Something is very wrong when we spend billions on political contests while hungry people die in our streets and unemployed people slip ever more hopelessly into the despairs of poverty.”

–Dr. David Albert Farmer, in prayer

Deepening Connections (theme suggested/lived out by Sharon Orr Skeenes), Silverside Sunday afternoon, October 18 2020, Preacher and Pastor–Rev David Albert Farmer, PhD

Today’s Floral Arrangement (that you will see several times in the video and in this David Clarke photo) by Dorothy Siegfried

If God Kept Your Appointment Book (or Calendar App!). Silverside Sunday Morning Online, October 11 2020. Dr. David Albert Farmer, Preacher and Pastor.

Sermon theme for this week suggested by Dr. Diane Chen.

Detours often take us to safer roadways and scenic parkways.

David Albert Farmer

People Who Need People, Silverside Outdoor In-person Gathering, October 4 2020, Dr David Albert Farmer—Preacher and Pastor

People Who Need People

“She Dissented. Now We Dissent.” Inspired by the life and commitments of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Preacher: The Reverend David Albert Farmer, PhD.

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Ode to a Praiseworthy Modern Woman: Proverbs 31 for Progressives; Silverside Sunday Morning Online; September 20, 2020; David Albert Farmer, Preacher and Pastor

In Memoriam: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Next Sunday’s sermon, inspired by Justice Ginsburg: “I Dissent”

  • Advocate for all Americans seeking/needing the embrace of justice
  • Protector of freedoms including the freedom of and the freedom from religion
  • Civil soulmate to all progressives
  • Distinguished jurist who literally gave her last breath hoping something she might say would further the causes of justice from the lonely corners of dwelling places for forgotten, neglected Americans to the highest levels of government where the privileged power people today openly defy laws and laugh at those who believe fairness will or even should prevail

May the society for which she lived and died return to us.

“…let justice roll down like waters,
    and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.”

–Hebrew Bible, The Prophet Amos, chapter 5, verse 24

Thank you, Melissa and Music Committee, for bringing the String Trio to us last Sunday afternoon!

If you weren’t able to attend, here’s a sample of what the lawn-chaired audience enjoyed.

“Por una Cabeza,” Carlos Gardel (lyrics by Alfredo Le Pera)
performed by (from left to right): Daniel Seymour, Ziqian Ye, Joel Alarcon

Click below to hear several other selections, with which the above is included, from Sunday afternoon September 13.

Lora Englehart, “Celebrating 100 Years: Revisiting the Women’s Suffrage Movement with 2020 Hindsight”

 “Live” via Zoom on Sunday, September 20, at 3pm for Delaware’s 22nd Annual Chautauqua (first Virtual) Tent Show.

The theme this year is Woman’s Work: Campaigning for Social Change.

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There’s an edited filmed version here if you can’t Zoom in on Sunday because you’re at our concert or digitally deprived at that hour.