“Journeys into Deeper Darkness,” Silverside Sunday Online. July 18 2021 (video of in-person Gathering July 11 2021). David Albert Farmer, Ph.D., preacher.

Blaine Breeding, videography

Silverside Sunday Online, July 11 2021 (video of in-person Gathering, July 4 2021). Rev. Terrence Young, Guest Preacher.

Blaine Breeding, videography

“What’s Your Secret?” Guest Preacher: Rev Terrence Young. Silverside Sunday Online, July 4 2021 (video of in-person Gathering June 27 2021)

Rev. Terrence Young, Guest Preacher
Videography, Blaine Breeding

“I Think I’ll Run from God for a While.” Silverside Sunday Online, June 27 2021 (video of June 20 Gathering). David Albert Farmer, Ph.D., preacher.

“Going and Not Knowing.” Silverside Sunday June 13 (video of June 6 in-person Gathering). David Albert Farmer, Ph.D., preacher.

Rosalía Rita de Castro
Blaine Breeding, videography

Utilize the divine GPS on your unfolding journey: God. Pragmatics. Self.

David Albert Farmer
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Rev. Terrance J. Young, preaching in Dr. Farmer’s absence June 27 and July 4

Terrance J. Young is from Pittsburgh, PA. At the age of 15, he felt called to the preaching and pastoral ministry. After completing his undergraduate degree at Temple University and becoming a licensed minister, Terrance enrolled at Palmer Theological Seminary of Eastern University as a Master of Divinity student, where he completed his degree in 2018. While at Palmer he studied preaching in several courses with Dr. Farmer.  Today, Terrance serves at the Block Church located in Philadelphia and leads the Office of Communications and Public Relations at Lincoln University.

“A Spirituality Community Yearning to Survive and Thrive.” Silverside Online (video of in-person Gathering May 30 2021). David Albert Farmer, Ph.D., preacher.

NOTE: We sincerely apologize for the inordinate tardiness of this post. We had significant technical problems with the limited equipment access accessible to us to produce these videos. Some minor glitches remain. We appreciate your understanding and your uplifting encouragement week by week.

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“A Liberal Spirituality Community.” Silverside Online, Sunday May 30 2021 (video of in person Gathering May 23 2021). Preacher, David Albert Farmer, Ph.D.

Blaine Breeding, videography

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“A Free Spirituality Community.” Silverside Sunday Online, May 23 2021 (video of in-person Gathering May 16 2021). David Albert Farmer, Ph.D., preacher.

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“A Rousing Spirituality Community.” Silverside Sunday Morning Online, May 16 2021 (Video of May 9 2021 Gathering). David Albert Farmer, Ph.D., preacher.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: The May 23 in-person Gathering will be held in the sanctuary at 3 p.m.

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