“The Gift of Unpredictability.” Silverside Sunday Morning Online. April 11 2021. David Albert Farmer, Ph.D., preacher.

(podcast, audio only)

Sunday Morning Jazz Brunch Online Gathering. “A Tale of Two Devotees: Out of the Darkness of Idolatry and into the Light of God.” David Albert Farmer, Ph.D., Preacher.

Silverside Online Jazz Brunch Gathering. February 7 2021. “The Darkness of Thinking You Know All There Is to Know.” Preacher: Dr David Albert Farmer.

Blaine Breeding, videography

Silverside Sunday Morning Online. January 17 2021. Dr E Carson Brisson, Guest Preacher.

The Lamb, Now a Young Adult Ewe, Tells Her Parents She Wants to Marry a Wolf. Silverside Sunday Morning Online, December 13 2020. David Albert Farmer, PhD, Preacher and Pastor.

On Not Taking People and Significant Experiences for Granted. Sermon Theme Suggested by Michael McKnight. Michael McKnight, guest pianist. Silverside Sunday Morning Online, November 8 2020. David Albert Farmer, Ph.D., Preacher and Pastor.

Marc Chagall, lithograph, 1960, “Naomi and Her Daughters-in-Law”

“Most human beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted.”

Aldous Huxley

New Common Ground Sighted: New Hope for Unity. Silverside Sunday Morning, October 25 2020. Ms. Melissa Heieie, Director of Music; Dr. John Siegfried, Director of Music Emeritus; Dr. David Albert Farmer, Preacher and Pastor

Jerushah Duford, granddaughter of the late Billy Graham

Floral Arrangement by Dorothy Siegfried

“Something is very wrong when we spend billions on political contests while hungry people die in our streets and unemployed people slip ever more hopelessly into the despairs of poverty.”

–Dr. David Albert Farmer, in prayer

Deepening Connections (theme suggested/lived out by Sharon Orr Skeenes), Silverside Sunday afternoon, October 18 2020, Preacher and Pastor–Rev David Albert Farmer, PhD

Today’s Floral Arrangement (that you will see several times in the video and in this David Clarke photo) by Dorothy Siegfried

Spirit Journeys, Spiritual Journey, and Self-Understanding [Inspiration for Spirituality Focus, Silverside (Church), August 9 2020]

“Spirit Filled,” words and music by Margaret Walker 2015 (c) 2020 Silverside Church. No use in any form—written, audio, video—without the express written permission of Margaret Walker.

“A Spiritual Journey,” by Margaret Walker 2004 (c) 2020 Silverside Church. No use in any form—written, audio, video—without the express written permission of Margaret Walker.

“Spirit Of the Living God,” Daniel Iverson (c) 1935, 1963 Birdwing Music. Used by permission. CCLI License #11285341.

Social Justice at (Second Baptist) Silverside; Spiritual Reflections for August 2, 2020