If God Kept Your Appointment Book (or Calendar App!). Silverside Sunday Morning Online, October 11 2020. Dr. David Albert Farmer, Preacher and Pastor.

Sermon theme for this week suggested by Dr. Diane Chen.

Detours often take us to safer roadways and scenic parkways.

David Albert Farmer

“She Dissented. Now We Dissent.” Inspired by the life and commitments of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Preacher: The Reverend David Albert Farmer, PhD.

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Day 2 of our ten days of celebrating Silverside’s 185th birthday. Greetings from State Senator Cathy Cloutier. Silverside Sunday morning, September 6 2020. Dr Carol Puhl—liturgist, Dr David Albert Farmer—preacher and pastor. Please note: the names of several recently deceased members are called in today’s spirituality reflection; this video was completed, however, before we received the news of the death of our beloved friend and fellow seeker, Bob Balderston.

Ma and Pa, Church Parents and Grandparents

Good morning, everyone. An urgent concern for prayers and positive thoughts this morning. The mother of Priscilla Wilson has had a serious fall and is in ICU at Christiana Hospital Stanton. Today’s message: The Fine Art of Worry, Silverside Online, August 30 2020, Rev David Albert Farmer PhD—preacher and pastor

Silverside Online, August 23 2020, Squeezed but Not Squashed, Mr Kent Frederick—Liturgist, Ms Melissa Heieie—Musician, Dr David Albert Farmer—Preacher and Pastor

Spirit Journeys, Spiritual Journey, and Self-Understanding [Inspiration for Spirituality Focus, Silverside (Church), August 9 2020]

“Spirit Filled,” words and music by Margaret Walker 2015 (c) 2020 Silverside Church. No use in any form—written, audio, video—without the express written permission of Margaret Walker.

“A Spiritual Journey,” by Margaret Walker 2004 (c) 2020 Silverside Church. No use in any form—written, audio, video—without the express written permission of Margaret Walker.

“Spirit Of the Living God,” Daniel Iverson (c) 1935, 1963 Birdwing Music. Used by permission. CCLI License #11285341.

Social Justice at (Second Baptist) Silverside; Spiritual Reflections for August 2, 2020

Patriotism in a New Key, Online Gathering Topic, Silverside (Church), July 5 2020

Rights, Rites, Riots, and Racism

Silverside (Church), June 7 2020, Online Gathering

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